Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Trying to take family photos with a tripod has given me a new appreciation for photographers! ;) We attempted to take a photo for Christmas cards a few weeks back, and it was a colossal FAIL! Yesterday, I decided that something's better than nothing, so I determined to at least get a good shot of the little dude in front of the Christmas tree. Score!

Until next time,

Friday, November 11, 2016

A Very Special Introduction!

Howdy, friends! I am still alive. I am still taking photos. I am not a diligent blogger. 

On several occasions I have intended to update my blog, but I really wanted to save the update for a very special person.
Intrigued? If so, keep reading, and be sure to check out the photos at the end. :)

On February 22nd, my wife and I found out we were expecting our first child. I still remember the overwhelming joy upon receiving confirmation that we were in fact pregnant. Fast forward to the first ultrasound… words cannot describe the moment when we saw our baby’s strong heartbeat for the first time. I struggled to hold back tears thinking of the precious baby that would soon bring so much joy to our home!

The next several months were filled with expectation and preparation. We bought books, clothes, nursery furniture, and more; each day becoming more and more excited to see our lovely baby. We consistently prayed for a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby, and our prayers were answered!

October 27th was the big day! At 10:01 pm, we welcomed Ethan Parker into this world. Many tried to explain how amazing it is to see your baby for the first time. However, no explanation or description adequately depicts the emotions experienced when seeing our baby for the first time! Hearing our baby cry for the first time! Watching him immediately connect with us!
The whole experience was surreal and one of which I will never forget!

We are so thankful for this precious blessing from God! Even though he is only two weeks old, it is hard to imagine life without Mr. Ethan.


I'll start things off with a few photos from the hospital.

*Please pardon the grainy picture. We snapped this photo with my phone.

Ethan was a professional model by the time we got home! He is definitely not camera shy. 

This image is extra special to me! It obviously features our handsome son, but it also includes the piano that my grandmother gifted to me several years ago. Her parents bought the piano in 1936 when she was only four years old. 
Several people have asked about the nursey, so here's a couple pictures I took on my phone. We have since added an area rug and a couple other items, but this gives you an idea. ;) Side note, painting stripes is a brutal process if you're OCD! Consider yourselves warned. 

Until next time,

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tulsa Newborn Photographer

I recently photographed a beautiful newborn and wanted to share a few photos here on my blog. Her dad is a firefighter, so we thought it would be fitting to take a few photos with his gear. She was a great sport and made my job easy!