Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year

I was bored this morning while waiting for my tires to be replaced, so I went through photos from old shoots in 2009 to see what photos I could post on this here blog! ;)

When I returned from a quick weekend trip to Dallas, my parents surprised me with a black leather club chair in my room. After my brother moved out we moved my upright piano into our office, but that made my room look pretty bare. Tonight we hung 3 black and white shots of downtown Tulsa above the chair. The photo below is my favorite. (I think it looks better in color rather than black and white.)


  1. These girls at the very top are beautiful!! This was a very fun day!!

  2. Who's that ugly dude trying to look cool?? LOL!
    Sis Cheek

  3. lol Matt, I started moving some of my stuff in Chans room. =) Its nice having an extra closet now!;)

  4. That's an awesome picture of downtown. I love it.