Sunday, January 10, 2010

Silver Family

I'm proud to say that these little guys are my cousins. We had a great time on Saturday. Thankfully our shoot was inside; it was freezing cold outside!
Feel free to leave comments! Hint, hint... ;)


  1. I'm a little partial of course because they're my nephews.....but those little guys are adorable!!!!!

    Good job Matt!!

  2. oh dearie, guess that means i have to comment...=) Those boys are REALLY cute! Love the 2nd pic!! GREAT job!!

  3. Matt - when are you going full-time?????? Those pictures are just awesome!!!! And i know it's a very female comment, but I love your MR signature on your photos...very nice touch. :)

    Keep up the good work - it's awesome!
    Dara & Roger

  4. The pictures are great!!! Too bad you didn't have better subject matter...j/k!!
    Seriously, I love these!! They are a million times better than some of the pictures we have paid $200 for - you did a great job!!
    I can't thank you enough...

    Luv Ya!!