Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today I was driving down the road and someone hit me! :( :( 
(It's too bad that the driver didn't have insurance either!) The beautiful scrape starts from the rear quarter panel and stops right before the hood. I feel like I'm driving a "ghetto cruiser" now because every time I open the passenger door it makes a loud popping sound!

Good news: I finished my last final yesterday evening! :) I'm officially a senior! Thank ya Jesus! :)



  1. Was this on the same side you were keyed on? Probably not, that'd be too much like right. People are loons! I'm glad you are okay. Your sister too! It's been a busy couple of weeks for the Rodger's household! ~CG

  2. Oh, and you need to change your 'about me' profile. You're a Sr. now!! WooHoo!!!

  3. You must have been worshiping your car to much! Lol J/K that really did happen to me I was so impressed with my green Saturn (YUCK) that I wrecked it..boy did I feel stupid! God put all things back in perspective :(
    Oh and by the way thanks Matt for telling me how to leave comments now I can pester all you bloggers!!! LOL
    Sis Cheek ;)