Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Class of 2010!!

After the banquet on Friday night Marissa asked me to take some pictures of her and her friends! This is what we came up with! I had fun experimenting with my off camera flash!

Check out Brittany's face! She looks super excited! ha!

Tyler had the bright idea of climbing on top of the bridge for a picture! haha!

David decided to give it a try too! And of course, be a bit more riskier... I don't think I'd be a very good life guard!

I can't believe my little sister is graduating!! Wow! Time really flies! Congrats guys... and girls! :)

Check back often! I have an awesome family shoot that'll be posted soon! :) :)


  1. You did a really good job on these! Love 'em! :)

  2. YAYS! I LOVE THEM! You did a really good job Matt! My cap looks like it's about to poke Marissa's eye out on the last one. lol

    Thank you Matt! It was fun!... although I almost fell through the glass window:O

  3. Good Job!!! I like my shoe... I didn't know that was on there. :)

    David Jensby
    ~Class of 2010~

  4. Thanks so much, Matt!!! I really do like them! And it was a blast taking them!! You did great (but we are great subjects to shoot!) lol JUST KIDDING!!! :)

  5. These are great, Matt! G. Ford