Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone had a great day today! We spent the day with family & close friends and had a wonderful time! My parents set up a small volleyball net in the backyard. Here's a few pics from our day! :)

Wyatt had to climb the fence to retrieve the ball from the neighbors' yard a few times! Poor guy! I snapped this pic as he was coming back over! :)

This pic was taken right before Tasha's "trick!" I told her that we should take a few action/jumping shots, and that she should jump off something in the back yard. She was a bit over confident and decided that she should jump off the storage shed. (Please note: totally not my idea!) Instead of landing on her feet, she slipped and landed flat on her tail! :( OUCH!!!! Let's just say I shouldn't be a medic or anything like that! I thought she was going to die! lol!

But she still had some energy left... Here's proof!

Pure boredom! This pic was the result of us waiting on Marissa to get ready to go to the Riverwalk...

Aww... Dan and Tash! Two of my closest buds! ;)

Here's to a great week!
Keep your eyes glued to the blog! I have an amazing post coming soon. Trust me! The kid is the cutest boy I've ever photographed; the little guy looked like a model!


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