Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jonathan (Senior--Class of 2013)

I enjoyed shooting Jonathan's senior pictures last Saturday. I was reminded how easy it is to shoot senior pictures of easy going guys!
Congrats on completing high school (in May), and I hope you enjoy the pictures!


  1. These are so good! You did awesome Matt!

  2. These are awesome pictures!!!!!!!!!!! Btw jonathan is my cousin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Courtney Tarpley

  3. Had to throw his prized Jeep truck in there:) By the way, you're doing my senior pictures next year, okay? Okay!! =) Awesome job!!

  4. Ha, funny you mentioned it Kels; I made a similar comment:) -Kaylen

  5. You, sir, are indeed amazing. I am going to have to ask you to ease up on the sheer awesomeness lol I will humbly employ your services in the near future. I just want to get prepared for certain special occasions that may arise :):):):) Its just a matter of God and when... If you would be so kind, that is.