Monday, December 3, 2012

The Bagby Family

Saturday morning, after a long drive, I met the Bagby Family at Pleasant Valley Farms in Sand Springs. I was reminded that I need to update my GPS maps when my car began telling me I had reached my destination. Friend, I was on a gravel road in the middle of nowhere--no cell phone reception, no signs, and no Christmas trees. After traveling a little further down the road, I was repeatedly told to "make the first safe u-turn." I ended up safely reaching my destination thanks to another family experiencing the exact same problem.

I hope you enjoy these photos! Landon had a blast running up and down the long rows of trees and checking everything out. Maybe one day I'll cut down a Christmas tree for my own family; it seems like it would be a fun tradition. Just be sure to plot out the trip in advance. ;)


  1. Great job as usual Matt! I LOVE them!!

  2. My face is fat! But great pic of the rest my family.. the bright sun and laughter didn't help! Thanks for the pictures!!

  3. I love the pics!!!
    Great job Matt!!!